Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Fun

My sister S and her family stopped to visit us on their way to Dad's house for Easter. They kiddos had fun holding the bunnies together.

 We had our annual Easter Egg hunt with my brother P and his family.
Baby L really got into the egg hunting this year.

We always let the youngest 4 kiddos hunt first.  There were about 200 eggs hidden so there was plenty to go around.
The big kids raced around when it was their turn to hunt.

Happy Easter morning!
Peeps, coloring books, and a little toy for each of my kiddos from the Easter Bunny.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Family Schooling Summary: Hiking on a windy spring day

Some homeschool friends of ours live near Lake Linganore.  We visited the Y family's home this week and they took us on a beautiful hike.  The kids especially liked climbing on the rocks and sending things down the little creek that fed into a bigger inlet.

My Dash: Week 14

I have been working on gathering photos and stories for my grandma's 90th birthday in a couple weeks.  She is on the left in this picture- Central Park 1945, "Fishing for sailors" she said.
 Goomie and I at my dad's childhood home in NJ I think.

Goomie often took us on outings to see local sights and sometime took us on longer road trips with her too.  Here are some pages from my childhood scrapbook:
I never met my Grandpa Paul (Goomie's husband), but she told me about how he worked with the cavalry in WWII and we both loved horses.  Goomie went out of her way to take me to see horse related shows and events. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Farm Fresh: Garden Update -- Onions, Carrots, Rhubarb, Asparagus, Peas, and Radishes

The weather this week was alternately rainy and cloudy. Perfect for planting early spring veggie starts and seeds.  I put down bone meal through out my beds.  Then I planted these rows with mixed onions and carrots.
 The cabbage and cauliflower plants are progressing nicely.  I planted some African Marigolds around between them, but they seem sensitive to the cold (40s). A couple plants died.
 In one corner I planted Argenteuil Asparagus and the Rhubarb.
 Growing rhubarb from seed has been easier than from roots (so far).
 This is my amazing spinach patch that overwintered.
 The land in the front yard is much rockier than the back for some reason. Maybe it was all rocky fill dirt when the house was built. I am going to try to build up the soil with straw bale gardens and hope that in a couple years it will be built up enough  to plant in directly.   The best sun is in the front and we will try to extend out from the existing landscaping over time.
 My original strawberry plants have multiplied and are doing great in the front landscaping.
 I finally figured out what these beautiful flowers are - Hellebores. Some varieties are poisonous, but they are great because they grow fast early in the Spring.
 The ground cover of Periwinkle is growing like crazy and looking beautiful.
 I am still not sure what these ornamental bushes are, but they are starting to get their spring blossoms too.

Family Schooling Summary: Jumping on the Bed and Cake Decorating

This is a funny bedhead picture of L eating her cereal. 
Here she is 2 days after a big face bruising fall off the bed. Since we got our new mattress, we keep having to "remind" the kiddos that no monkeys are allowed to jump on the bed. 
Chicks first day outside. Shortly after this picture was taken it started to rain and we had to take them in. It's important to get them out early and start teaching them to forage. As soon as the thermometer says 60F or more we need to take them out for practicing on the grass. Next weekend we can move them outside completely.
 We got a new friendly rooster this week -- I hope he stays friendly! He is from a neighbor who had a about 15 extra roosters.  If all goes well we can hatch some chicks this summer.
 Here is a little cake that A made in her cake decorating class at co-op school.