Sunday, July 23, 2017

Family Fun: Water Day!

The church Primary had their annual Water Day this past Saturday. Tons of slippery fun on the super slide!

 There was a water bounce house for the under 5 crowd.

 They had a massive water balloon fight in which the kids mostly clobbered the dads.
 And some family relay races - trying to fill their bucket first with a holey tube of water.

Farm Fresh: It's a jungle out there

I love this time of year in the garden. It's a jungle of goodies. 

Tomatoes, peppers, leeks, onions, carrots, and beets are all giving us lots to eat.  Melons, beans, and squash are growing like crazy. Crossing my fingers for a good harvest.

I am so glad that I planted all those zinnias this year. They are a beautiful addition all around my gardens, especially this row in the front yard. 
Only bad thing is -- the brassicas are done. Anything I have not harvested the bugs are killing. Poor kale. The dill I planted with it did not deter as many pests as I had hoped.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Family Fun: More Fireworks and a Parade

Our town saves money by having their fireworks and parade after the 4th of July. The floats all give out a ton of candy though. It was like Halloween all over again. We have it all on lockdown. One piece after dinner -- only if you ate your vegetables. 
 We were there with a bunch of friends from church and then walked over to a field where we could see the firework show. Hubby and I split our now traditional sushi plate and the kiddos had pizza while we were waiting for the parade to start.  Only thing missing was Grandpop! He was here last year at this time.

Family Reunion IV

More pictures coming in from the reunion as everyone shares with each other.  Here are some that I missed in my other posts.
Me, talking to my Goosie-goosie -- they are so tame now.
 Pool party - big sister A rode the small slides a bunch of times and then went on the big ones and loved it. She slid down over and over again with her cousins.
 Baby L and S had their swimmies on and hung out with me in the small pool a lot of the time. The liked jumping off that low step a lot.
 Baby L and cousin L at church.
 They rode the metro downtown.

 The girls at the Museum of American History -- First Ladies exhibit
 The hens have been laying in this bush for awhile now - since the broody ladies and chicks are closed up in the coop and run during the day. Apparently, this black rat snake has caught on to the possibility of easy dinners.
 We "gently" moved him back farther into the woods. Hopefully, he will get the idea?
 So many visitors = many shoes by the back door!
 I am glad that everyone enjoyed the library!

 Everyone loved the energetic way that baby L has to put her weight into it and use her foot to get the sliding door open by herself.

 Archery prowess - when money is at stake they dont give up until they get it.

The cousins planned and practiced for a performance all on their own. Here we are gathering in the basement to watch the show:

 Uncle A was acting as the flag.

 Campfire night:

Monday, July 10, 2017

Family Reunion III: Downtown DC

On Monday the all the big kids went downtown. I stayed home with the two youngest cousins, baby L and cousin L. These are all the relevant pictures from hubby's phone. 
 The boys went to the National Air and Space Museum. The girls went to the American History Museum.
  It was a very hot day.
They wanted to go to the Museum of Natural History (my kids' favorite), but there was a line out the door of people waiting to get in.  Some people came home after that some stayed to walk around the monuments.