Monday, June 11, 2018

Family Reunion : Days 5-6

 On Friday we went to our favorite lake beach to play.  When we arrived they told us that the water is about 4ft lower than usual since they are fixing a dam downstream.
 It is normally about 5 feet deep out at that fence line. 
 Their was plenty of sand to play in.
 And plenty of snacks to eat

 I think the water level was perfect for the under 5 crowd.  The older kids had to make do with water guns and such.


 That evening hubby carved out this years fire pit and ring. 
 We had a campfire and roasted marshmallows.
The kids performed a talent show.

 Brother M showed off his flexibility:
And then his guitar playing skills:
 Cousins A and K sang songs. And D did a belly roll trick. Their were homemade bubbles for the babies.

The next morning was all packing and cleaning up. Everyone left around the same time to catch flights and start long car rides home.  It was wonderful to have everyone in the same place for a week... Makes me sad that everyone is so spread out, but glad that at least we get together every other year.

Family Reunion: Day 4

On Thursday we invited everyone to come to free skate at the ice rink since M and A had their lessons that day anyway. 
 My kiddos were excited to have daddy there to see how much they have learned.
  It was impossible to get clear pictures since everyone was moving.
 We had the rink mostly to ourselves.
 The cousins did great for their first time skating! They are all wearing things from our bin of winter clothes. I guess that means we have plenty of coats, hats, and mittens, since we can outfit 10 extra people.


 We had moms' time-out that afternoon.  We went to my favorite sushi restaurant. Mostly they liked it, but Aunt B re-established the fact that she hates sushi and Japanese food in general.  Then I took them to my favorite thrift store for some shopping time.  We found lots of great stuff, but the only pics I have are from the car ride, which was rather long (about 45 minutes each way).

Family Reunion: Days 3-4

On Tuesday we hung out and played until the afternoon. These little girl cousins don't remember the last time they met, but they had a lot of fun playing together. That evening we went to a barbecue/birthday party at my brother P's house. 
   On Wednesday we went down to Arlington National Cemetery to see the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier.
  We were a little worried about all the kids keeping themselves silent and reverent... but they did pretty well.

 All the rest of us had our hands on our hearts as the wreaths were presented, but this gentleman had a "Vietnam Veteran" hat on and he saluted. I thought that was very poignant.

 Miss L thinks that she is a ballerina now and insists on wearing her costume everywhere.
 We visiting the JFK memorial plot and saw the eternal flame.


Family Reunion 2018: Day 1-2

Everyone arrived for our family reunion last Sunday -- three siblings, their spouses and kiddos stayed at our house. It was a big crew, but I felt like their was plenty of room for everyone to move around. On Monday we went to the big wooden slide and hiked up Cunningham Falls.  I failed to take any pictures of those two happenings.  In the afternoon we had a big family photo shoot with our family photographer (Dad).  The pictures are not all ready yet -- more next week, but here is one sample.
I think the funniest part is seeing the pics of what was happening behind the scenes. Wild chaos!
 Dad at work: